in a paper cup world

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A painting of “Afghan Girl”
For now I’m finished, but I think when I improve at digital painting, I’ll come back to her.

A painting of “Afghan Girl”

For now I’m finished, but I think when I improve at digital painting, I’ll come back to her.

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my TAM final project is to design a bridge. we’re judged based on efficiency, so i’ve been guessing & checking my way to optimal efficiency.

how good the efficiency is depends on how well the class does. the best efficiency gets full credit & extra credit and the second place efficiency gets full credit and little less extra credit and so on and so forth until the sixth place person. then everyone else’s efficiency grade is based off the sixth place person.

a winning efficiency can be anywhere around 1900 to 2600. it all depends on your class. [in other words, pray that you’re in an incredibly stupid class…]

so while working my up, i’ve been beginning to think of the numbers in years.

"well, i just passed waterloo. bye napoleon!"

"beginning of world war i…"

"roaring 20’s!"

maybe i should have been a history major. 

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"Where’s the other 1%?"

Today I told my mother that I got a 99% on my Theoretical & Applied Mechanics exam. She simply stared at me for a moment before replying, “Where’s the other 1%?”

Then, in an attempt to remedy the situation, she said “I guess…that’s very very…good enough.” 

Not “great!” or “fantastic!” or any number of other adjectives that most parents may have given their child in a lovingly proud voice as an indication of acceptance. No. Not even, “that’s good enough!”

It was an “I guess you’re good enough” in a dubious tone of voice. 


pictured here: a tiger mother. except mine was never so well dressed.

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today i attempted to use a home recipe for waxing. it didn’t work. it may have been because i had no idea what i was doing. it also may have been that i lacked a lot of things such as an applicator (substituted with a popsicle stick), waxing strips (ie. cut up strips of a paper bag) and was improvising the whole entire recipe. (baby powder! ha! what about corn starch?)

i also burned myself. in various places. 

also, i think someone is trying to learn how to ride a motorcycle right outside my house. judging from the not-so-smooth sounds of the engine, i don’t think they’re succeeding.